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Food, culture and breath-taking scenery celebrated on #MyLibya

Twitter users have been sharing all the reasons why they love Libya, seen through 'the eyes of its citizens and not the media'
The ruins of Cyrene, a colony of the Greeks of Thera, located in Libya's Green Mountains (AFP)

News from Libya usually focuses on its political turmoil, but a popular Twitter hashtag that emerged this week has given its people the opportunity to share their love of the country.

#MyLibya sprung up on Monday morning, after a Libyan freelance journalist tweeted: “since there is so much negativity and pessimism about the situation in #Libya I think it’s about time we start a new hashtag – tag #MyLibya”.

Since then there have been over 2,500 tweets from people celebrating the country’s landscape, food and culture.

Here is a selection of the most popular tweets: