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Live blog update| Morocco earthquake

For how long can people survive under the rubble?

Age, mental wellbeing and physical health are just some of the factors that can help survivors overcome slim odds and survive for days under rubble.

It is generally accepted that the first 72 hours after a disaster are crucial, and are usually considered the golden phase of finding survivors.

More than 90 percent of earthquake survivors are rescued within the first three days, and there are several reasons for that.

Finding injured people before they lose consciousness, or succumb to their injuries and a lack of food or water, becomes of paramount importance. 

Without water, in particular, many people can die in up to four or five days.

Most of the people rescued in recent days had not suffered life-threatening injuries during the earthquake, which allowed them to survive for a longer time.

The demographic of survivors also changes the more time passes - they tend to be younger.

The mental state of those trapped can also affect survival. People trapped next to dead bodies, who have no contact with other survivors or rescuers, may simply give up hope.