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Live blog update| Morocco earthquake

Morocco yet to accept Algeria and Tunisia's earthquake expertise

Both Algeria and Tunisia have long-established and well-regarded search and rescue teams and both countries have prepared those teams and made them available to Morocco. 

Founded in 2004, the Algerian Heavy Urban Search And Rescue National Unit of Training and Intervention, which numbers 86 people, can be mobilised in two hours, has air transport and can keep itself equipped, fed and housed for 10 days, according to OCHA.

In Turkey and Syria, following the devastating earthquake there, locals praised the “really good” Algerians, who had “great equipment” and took “all the bodies out”.

Morocco has, however, so far not accepted the offers of help from Algeria and Tunisia, and its response to the earthquake is not being coordinated by the UN’s OCHA, which typically coordinates the international response to disasters. 

For more detail, visit this Middle East Eye story on Morocco's reluctance to accept Tunisian and Algerian aid.