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Gaza live: Dozens of Palestinians killed in Israeli strike on Khan Younis

Gaza live: Dozens of Palestinians killed in Israeli strike on Khan Younis
Israeli warplanes fired on tents housing displaced people in designated 'safe zone'
Key Points
Dozens of bodies found in Gaza City after Israeli retreat
Four aid workers killed in Israeli strike
Gaza death toll tops 38,300

Live Updates

3 minutes ago

Gaza's health ministry has said that at least 71 Palestinians have been killed and 289 injured in the Israeli strike on displaced people in al-Mawasi.

5 minutes ago

The Palestinian Civil Defence has said that the deputy director of its fire and rescue department was killed while trying to rescue wounded people after an Israeli strike destroyed a building in the centre of Khan Younis city.

According to the rescue organisation, Colonel Muhammad Osama Hamad was killed and eight other crew members injured when Israeli forces targeted the building a second time while they were working to recover the dead and wounded.

The strike is separate from the attack we reported earlier on al-Mawasi, which has killed at least 50 people.

17 minutes ago

Israeli forces "directly targeted" civil defence and Ministry of Health teams working to recover the dead and wounded in Mawasi, according to journalist Firas Abu Sharkh who was reporting from the scene.

"When we arrived at the scene, the civil defence teams and the Ministry of Health were directly targeted," he said.

"The rockets fell on civilians violently and indiscriminately. We tried to save them. The place is crowded with civilians and the tents are full of displaced people, and this is supposed to be a safe place."

31 minutes ago

The Israeli Army Radio has said that the attack on Mawasi had targeted Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif. 

This has not yet been confirmed.

Senior Hamas official Abu Zahri dismissed the claims as "nonsense".

"All the martyrs are civilians and what happened was a grave escalation of the war of genocide, backed by the American support and world silence," Abu Zahri told Reuters, adding that the attack showed Israel was not interested in reaching a ceasefire agreement. 

Gaza's health ministry said in a statement that Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis received 20 bodies and 90 wounded.

Reporting by Reuters

38 minutes ago

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has said that over 90 people injured in the Israeli attack on displaced people in Mawasi are being treated at Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis.

It said in a statement that the casualties included "serious cases" that staff are still working to treat.

Both the Nasser medical facility and the al-Kuwaiti field hospital are overwhelmed with wounded people following the attack, and struggling to treat them due to shortage of medical supplies.

50 minutes ago

An official at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis has said that they are overwhelmed with bodies and injured people following the Israel attack on Mawasi, Al Jazeera is reporting.

He said they had so far received 20 dead bodies and dozens of wounded people, adding that the medical teams do not have the capacity to treat any more.

Civil defence teams are working to recover bodies from the rubble.

1 hour ago

Over 100 Palestinians, including civil defence staff, have been killed or injured in Israeli air strikes targeting the tents of displaced people in the Mawasi area of Khan Younis, Gaza's government media office has said in a statement.

Al Jazeera Arabic is reporting that over 50 Palestinians have been killed in the attack, citing medical sources.

The official death toll is still unknown.

"The Israeli occupation army conducted a big massacre by bombarding the tent camps of the displaced in Khan Younis. The horrifying massacre killed and wounded more than 100 people, including members of the Civil Emergency Service," the office said in a statement.

1 hour ago

At least five Palestinians have been killed and dozens injured in an Israeli air strike on the Mawasi refugee camp, Al Jazeera Arabic is reporting.

Israeli jets reportedly fired five missiles at displaced Palestinians' tents and a water desalination unit.

Israeli forces declared Mawasi a "safe zone" after it ordered the evacuation of people from Rafah ahead of their incursion on the southern city in May.

1 hour ago

Some 71,338 people in Gaza have been infected with viral hepatitis, according to the enclave's Government Media Office.

It added that more than 1.7 million Palestinians have been infected with diseases as a result of displacement.

It said 350,000 people with chronic diseases in Gaza are at great risk due to Israel barring the entry of medication into the strip.

1 hour ago

An Israeli air strike has targeted a residential house in Mawasi, a designated "safe zone" west of Khan Younis, Al Jazeera is reporting.

Israeli forces declared the area a "safe zone" after ordering the evacuation of Palestinians from Rafah ahead of its incursion on the southern city in May.

1 hour ago

Seven Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes in Deir al-Balah and Khan Younis.

According to Wafa news agency, the Palestine Red Crescent Society emergency teams retrieved the bodies of five Palestinians, including two children, after a residential home was destroyed in an attack.

Another 10 people were injured in an attack on nearby Nuseirat refugee camp.

In Khan Younis, two Palestinians were killed when a residential house was targeted.

1 hour ago

Good morning Middle East Eye readers,

Here are the latest updates from the Israeli war on Gaza, now in its 281st day: 

  • At least five Palestinians, including two children, have been killed in Israeli air strikes in Khan Younis and Deir el- Balah, where the Israeli military has instructed people to evacuate.

  • The Israeli military has alleged, without providing evidence, that one of the four aid workers it killed in a strike on Khan Younis on Friday was a member of Hamas's security forces.

  • According to the Gaza government office, over 70,000 people in Gaza are infected with hepatitis.

  • According to Israeli media, an Israeli security official has said that a hostage deal could be imminent, but that Netanyahu's insistence on non-negotiable conditions are stalling negotiations. Netanyahu's office rejected the claim, claiming that Hamas was "changing the plan".

11 hours ago

Our live coverage from Gaza will shortly be closing until tomorrow morning.

Here are some of the day's key developments:

  • At least 16,054 children have been killed since Israel's onslaught on Gaza began on 7 October, according to the latest figures released by the Gaza government media office

  • Among the 38,345 Palestinians killed since the start of the war, at least 10,700 are women

  • An entire generation of Gaza's children could be lost if Israel's assault on the enclave continues, Unrwa, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, said on Friday

  • A survey by Channel 12, an Israeli news outlet, revealed that 72 percent of the Israeli population wants Netanyahu to step down following the events of 7 October

  • In its first investigation into the 7 October Hamas-led attack on Israel, the Israeli army released the findings on the failures that led to the killing of 101 civilians and 31 security personnel in the kibbutz of Be'eri

  • The International Court of Justice has announced it will deliver its advisory opinion on the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory in a week's time

  • In a bid to hold on to power, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is delaying a ceasefire agreement with Hamas by introducing new demands, reported the Times of Israel

11 hours ago

Arab Gulf states are hedging their bets on Donald Trump’s return to the White House, telling the former president’s surrogates they are waiting in the wings for his new administration, in an unexpected hitch to the Biden administration's Middle East diplomacy.  

The Gulf States’ calm response to poll numbers indicating that Trump’s chances of returning to the White House are rising stands in sharp contrast to the panic among some of the US’s European allies who are on edge over how Trump will handle the Nato alliance and Russia’s war on Ukraine.

“It’s a tale of two partners,” Gregory Gause, an expert on Gulf politics at Texas A&M University, told Middle East Eye. “The Europeans and Gulf states both experienced a Trump term. For the former, it was a disaster but for the latter, it was pretty good,” he said.

“They know exactly what they are going to get and aren't worried". 

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11 hours ago

At least 16,054 children have been killed since Israel's onslaught on Gaza began on October 7, according to the latest figures released by the Gaza government media office.

Of those children, 34 died from hunger, the office reported.

Among the 38,345 Palestinians killed since the start of the war, at least 10,700 are women.

Additionally, around 10,000 Palestinians remain missing