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Turkey to send four-ton aid supplies to quake-hit Nepal

With new aid, Turkey's emergency agency AFAD will have sent about 20 tons of humanitarian assistance to Nepal to date
Collapsed houses in Sankhu village in, Kathmandu, Nepal on 16 May, 2015 (AA)

ISTANBUL - Turkey’s emergency agency said Tuesday it would continue its aid stream to quake-hit Nepal with a four-ton medical and food supply package.

"The AFAD and other Turkish teams have been continuing their search and rescue efforts in Nepal," Fuat Oktay, the head of Turkish Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, or AFAD, told reporters at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul on Tuesday.

"With this aid, the AFAD will have reached about 20 tons of humanitarian assistance to Nepal to date," said Oktay, adding that aid materials were being delivered to the Nepalese Health Ministry.

Oktay recalled that the AFAD, Turkish Red Crescent and Doctors Worldwide were among the first teams that arrived in Nepal after the tremor.

The April 25 earthquake - estimated to be 7.5 strong - killed more than 8,150 people and injured up to 18,000.

In a matter of weeks, a second earthquake hit Nepal on 12 May, killing at least another 50 people.