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VIDEO: Israeli soldiers 'laugh' as Palestinian man is crushed

Soldiers watching the footage can be heard 'joking' as he loses consciousness
Footage appears to show Israeli soldiers 'joking' as Palestinian man is crushed (Ultra Palestine/Facebook)

Footage has emerged on social media of Israeli soldiers reportedly laughing as a Palestinian man is crushed at a gate. 

A video of the incident, which took place at the Atarot Industrial Zone in east Jerusalem, was uploaded by pro-Palestine activists onto Facebook. The footage appears to show a Palestinian worker squeezing through a small gap in the gate only for it to be closed on him - purposely or otherwise. The man can be seen collapsing as he loses consciousness.

Israeli soldiers watching CCTV footage of the event can be heard laughing. One reportedly said: "It crushed him. This guy is stupid," according to the Middle East Monitor