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About Middle East Eye

MEE is an independently funded online news organisation that was founded in April 2014. We aim to be the primary portal of Middle East news and our target audience are all those communities of readers living in and around the region that care deeply for its fate.

MEE looks at issues from a Middle Eastern perspective and does not tailor our coverage for a specific audience. We aim to bring local voices to the fore in analysis that isn’t shaped to suit political or financial agendas.

We have a large and constantly growing network of freelance correspondents and columnists covering 24 countries, with this coverage strengthened by content from influential think-tanks, news agencies and syndicated content from other quality online publications. 


Middle East Eye’s strategy to present unrivalled coverage of the region revolves around bringing together influential writers, analysts and thought leaders, to create a balanced, accurate picture of the social, financial and political undercurrents shaping the Middle East’s future.

Our principal loyalty is towards our readers – and our principal task is delivering them the truth.

At MEE, all sides of arguments are heard on an impartial platform, with social media and other technologies helping to drive the debate. Far from merely following the official version of events, our reporters are encouraged to read between the lines and find engaging angles that take stories one step further.

MEE thrives on the input of our readers, whether correcting us or in making an important comment on any aspect of our coverage. We are constantly striving to improve interactivity.


Middle East Eye aims to stand apart in coverage of the region by offering readers independently produced news, analysis and opinion generated by expert voices and fearless reporters. Our agenda is led by events, not political leanings.