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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Israel says it recovered the bodies of two captives in Gaza

Israel says that its military has recovered the bodies of two captives who were held in Gaza, adding that a total of 19 captives have died.

The announcement from Israel did not elaborate as to how the captives were killed.

The list of 19 includes a Tanzanian national, the government press office said.

In a video statement shared by Palestinian news outlets, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's al-Quds Brigades spokesman, Abu Hamza, said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn't seriously interested in rescuing the captives held by Palestinian armed groups in Gaza.

"He is working hard to evade and procrastinate, and his only aim in this war for him is to remain at the helm of power, and the price without a doubt are the lives of your children," the spokesman said in a message directed at the families of the captives.

He added that without indirect negotiations that lead to the freeing of more Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, in addition to a complete ceasefire, the captives held in Gaza will either be killed by Israel's aerial bombardment or its military's attempts to free them.

"Even if all the global powers came together, which they did, they won't free even one captive," he said.