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Baghdad protesters storm Bahrain embassy and tear down flag over US-backed summit

Bahrain recalls envoy after more than 200 people break into building to denounce 'deal of the century' event in Manama
The US plan has been met with broad disdain from Palestinians and others in the Arab world (AFP)

More than 200 demonstrators broke into the courtyard of Bahrain's embassy in Baghdad and took down the kingdom's flag on Thursday night to protest against a US-led "deal of the century" meeting in Manama touted by Washington as part of its for Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Police used live rounds to disperse the crowd but no injuries were reported.

Bahrain recalled its ambassador to Iraq for consultations following the protests, the Reuters news agency reported.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain condemns the attack on the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Republic of Iraq by the demonstrators (which) led to sabotage in the embassy building," a statement on the ministry's website said.

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A police officer stationed near the embassy said: "We used our vehicle loudspeakers to encourage protesters to leave the compound.

"After they refused, police had to fire into the air."

One protester, who identified himself as a member of the Islamic Resistance Groups, a term usually used by Iranian-backed militias, said they wanted to send a strong statement over the meeting in Manama, Bahrain's capital.

"We took down the Bahraini flag to send a clear message to all those who participated in the Bahrain conference, that we strongly reject normalising relations with the Zionist occupiers (Israel) and will never abandon our support of Palestinians," said the protester.

Identifying himself as Abu Murtadha al-Moussawi, he added: "We are ready to fight for this."

'Deep regret'

The Iraqi government condemned the protesters, and expressed "its deep regret" over the security breach at the embassy, Reuters reported.

"The government of Iraq affirms its absolute rejection of any acts which threaten diplomatic missions, their safety and the security of their personnel," said in a statement.

The conference in Manama held on Tuesday and Wednesday was aimed at rallying support for a $50bn investment plan in the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip as the first part of a broader White House political plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The plan has been met with broad disdain from Palestinians and others in the Arab world although regional US allies such as Saudi Arabia have indicated support it. 

Neither the Israeli nor Palestinian governments attended the meeting.